Green tip of the week - 02/22/11


Riding a bicycle is the most energy-efficient of all modes of transportation. A bike is also good for health, it's inexpensive, emits no pollution, is easy to park and is a more social mode of travel than driving an automobile. You can even put it on the front of a bus!

The Walla Walla area is a great place to bike. Slopes are gentle, bike lanes are often available and all Valley Transit buses have bike racks for use when needed. When you're on a bike, it's easy to stop and talk when you like, which contributes to a sense of community. Be sure to wear a helmet, use lights at night and follow the rules of the road.

It's our world. If we use our resources carefully, we'll all be better off.

From Sustainable Walla Walla and the WWCC Go Green Club. More tips at


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