If you enjoy walking the trails about Bennington Lake; have on your person something to protect yourself!

Be legal. However, have whatever It takes to safeguard yourself and family.

Very recently a friend enjoying trail hiking in this area was harassed by four wolves!

This person knows Alaskan wildlife so there is no question that a wolf is a wolf.

Having Alaskan living experience myself, there are a greater number of wolves in our surrounding area than agencies are admitting to.

It may be employment security, and very likely pressure from their superiors that the public is fed a watered down version or what is really happening.

As for personal sightings of wolves, my wife and I saw our first wolf 10 years ago as it was going west out of Winn Canyon just south of Milton-Freewater.

Friends on Biscuit Ridge are encountering more wolves than sightings of elk and deer!

Carl A. Nuthak
Walla Walla


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