On the agenda - Walla Walla City Council


When: Today, 7 p.m.

Where: 15. N. Third Ave.

  • ILAHEE DEVELOPMENT: Authorize four-year extension of the substantial progress due date while market recovers.

  • TAYLOR AND DAKOTA STREETS: Review and authorize rezone from R-96 to R-72 single-family-residence. No public testimony to be heard.

  • LANDFILL CONTRACT: Authorize contract with Schwyn EnvironmentalServices, LLC, not to exceed $287,559 for landfill remediation project as required by Department of Ecology, pertaining to groundwater contamination.

  • COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEM: Authorize one-year extension of service to Valence Wireless Communication for $34,643.

  • ATTORNEY RETENTION: Authorize agreement with attorney Charles B. Roe Jr. to retain services on hourly basis as needed for continued work with city water rights.

  • UTILITY WAIVER: Authorize waiver of connection fee for Habitat for Humanity project.


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