U-B Top 10 Complete vote totals


1. 248 points - A giant mural of an octopus and a castle is painted above Inland Octopus toy store, starting a controversy over whether it is art or a sign.

2. 230 points - The retirement announcement of Mike Humphreys sets off a scramble of candidates to replace him as sheriff.

3. 212 points - The Walla Walla Sweets embark on the inaugural season in the wood-bat league.

4. 195 points - The newest section of U.S. Highway 12 is opened to traffic. It includes a roundabout. Problems with lack of signs and exits hurts wineries and businesses.

5. 194 points - Voters approve a three-tenths of 1 percent sales tax increase to keep Valley Transit rolling.

6. 178 points - New local leadership: Mick Miller is selected to become the new Walla Walla School District superintendent. Mark J. Grescovich is named president and CEO of Banner Bank. Randy Grant takes over helm of YMCA. David A. Caldwell takes over as new commander of the Walla Walla District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

7. 173 points - The IRS reports that the developers of the Blue Mountain Mall hid millions of dollars.

8. 159 points - The Union-Bulletin publishes a six-day series on the local gang situation called Gangs/A Legacy of Violence.

9. 141 points - The city implements an infrastructure plan that would replace all the underground water and sewer lines and repave the roads on a 93-year schedule. The first project on Morton Street is completed.

10. 123 points - After a swastika is burned onto the grass at Heritage Square Park, residents put together a March Against Hate.

11. 121 points - After a rash of students on their way to school being hit by vehicles, parents push for increased safety efforts from police and the schools.

12. 119 points - The Pioneer Park Aviary and the Public Library face the possibilities of substantial budget cuts.

13. 101 points - A birthday party at a home on Center Street erupts in gang violence with stab and gunshot wounds to five people.

14. 99 points - Baker Boyer Bank President and CEO Megan Clubb gets a seat on the Portland branch board of directors for the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.

15. 83 points - The city of Walla Walla and Walla Walla County agree to merge their development departments.

16. 82 points - Local officials air complaints again Walla Walla County Coroner Frank Brown. Brown denies the allegations, doesn't file for re-election but then declares as a write-in candidate.

17. 81 points - Ski Bluewood is sold and is expected to open this season.

18. 75 points - Food Network Canada TV host Bob Blumer sets a Guinness world record for peeling onions during the Sweet Onion Festival.

19. 74 points - The 2010 Wine Blogger Conference is held in Walla Walla.

20. 72 points - The Washington State Patrol and Auditor's Office are looking into allegations of financial improprieties at the Walla Walla County Sheriff's Office.

21. 61 points - Cal Coburn Brown is executed at the Washington State Penitentiary for the rape, torture and killing of a woman in a Sea-Tac hotel.

22. 52 points - The state Department of Health issues a report saying Providence St. Mary Medical Center was "sloppy" in a death ruled a medical homicide by Coroner Frank Brown.

23. 51 points - Close to 400 people marched in Walla Walla to fight for immigration reform.

24. 43 points - Several local groups raise money and/or provide materials and services to Haiti after a severe earthquake.

25. 42 points - Problems getting passengers through the security check at Walla Walla Regional Airport resulted in several passengers being left behind on the Horizon flight.

26. 41 points - The Walla Walla School Board uses leftover money from the Edison Elementary School project to mitigate radon at Blue Ridge Elementary School and for other district needs. State matching funds for the project were used for a support services facility.

27. 24 points - Radon is detected at higher level than allowed by the Environmental Protection Agency at Blue Ridge Elementary School.

28. 19 points - Problems with levees around Milton-Freewater change area considered to be in a floodplain.

29. 18 points - Changes are made in the roadside recycling program, including 96-gallon wheeled carts.

30. 12 points - Trio Vintners becomes the first winery to graduate from the Port of Walla Walla's winery incubator complex.

31. 11 points - Weather patterns go crazy with little snow during the winter and longer, cooler spring followed by a short summer.

32. 10 points - A grassland fire at Eureka scorches more than 21,000 acres.

33. 8 points - The Walla Walla Area Small Business Center falls victim to the state's budget problems.

34. 4 points - Jay D. Jeffrey is charged after a standoff at his College Place residence that started with the shooting at a police officer

35. (tie) 0 points - Residents who get their water from the Green Tank Irrigation District are ordered to boil their water during an attempt to nail down the source of contamination.

35. (tie) 0 points - Fires strike: A fire burns down Rogers' Bakery and Cafe, temporarily closing the business. Reiff Manufacturing's facility is damaged in fire.


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