Etcetera - 01/06/10


The coffers for Milton-Freewater Rotary Club's Scholarship program increased following a successful sale of Christmas wreaths, said Robby Robbins in the service club's Dec. 28 report.

The club starts the new year with David Marshall at the helm as president and Jesse Maxwell as president-elect.

Member David Shannon and wife Bonnie celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on a 119-day cruise around the world.

David spoke to assembled members, giving the second part of a three-part program on their trip.

They left San Diego on Jan 22, 2010, and completed the global circuit at Fort Lauderdale, Fla., on May 11 aboard the Regent Cruise Lines M/S Seven Seas Voyager. Their home at sea measured 670 feet in length with a 94.5-foot beam. It offered accommodations for about 700 passengers and 447 crew.

David talked about their visits to Indonesia, Bali, Singapore, Brunei, The Philippines, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Kuala Lumpur.

At each port they disembarked for tours to scenic and historical sites and learned a lot about the culture, customs and religions of the countries, he said.

Among the many photos he shared was one of the komodo dragons on Komodo Island in Indonesia.

"There were temples and gardens in most of the ports they visited and many brightly colored costumes of the people there. Many of the buildings are designed with some very interesting architecture and viewing points suspended between the buildings, several stories above the ground." Victoria in Hong Kong remains on the grow with many high-rise buildings --but the old world flavor can still be found in Wan Chai, David said. On a canoe ride they saw a narrow part of the Mekong Delta in Vietnam.


An excited Grant Hendley e-mailed from Taiwan that he made a New Year's eve television broadcast there.

The Milton-Freewater Rotary Club exchange student said, "This was the second-biggest concert in Taiwan. Over 1 million people were behind me," Grant said of the huge crowd that came to celebrate.

Grant and his friends managed to stand quite close to the stage and waited for five hours to get there, he said. His white hat and his friends' two back packs are visible on a YouTube clip that features a popular singer serenading the crowd. The minute marker on the clip at, around 8:25-8:28, shows his white hat on the right-hand side.

His missive punctuated by multiple exclamation points, Grant wrote, "At 8:29 she points at us and at 8:33 she says our school's name. Yay, I was so happy. I'm sorta on TV and we made a big singing super star notice us in a concert ... Plus no other person got any super star to notice them!!!!!! ONLY US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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