LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - A couple bucks could save Aviary


Why hasn't the money for the Aviary been collected yet? This should be an embarrassment for the community.

If this community can't afford to save the Aviary, it cannot pretend to be anything but a very self-centrred group of individuals

Consider that Walla Walla, Milton-Freewater and College Place collectively have a population of about 40,000. If everybody contributed $2 then there would be more than enough to get through 2011 and a real effort could be made to put the Aviary on a self-sustaining basis for 2012 and beyond.

What is $2.00? It is:

* One-third of a pack of cigarettes.

* Less than one-half of a latte and danish.

* Less than one-tenth of lunch at a downtown restaurant.

* Less than two-thrds of gallon of gas.

OK, not everybody can afford a one-time gift of $2. So assume half the population gives $1 and the other half gives $3. That still adds up to $80,000.

Please, put a couple of bucks in an envelope, and mail it to those collecting for the Aviary.

Friends of Pioneer Park Aviary, PO Box 478, Walla Walla, WA 99362.

And, by the way, can't the legal community in Walla Walla expedite the process of getting the Friends its 501(c)3 status?

Dick Swenson
Walla Walla

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