LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Windmills must be moved


I see electric windmills all over our mountainous Western states. My electric power bill shows no power contributed by windmills.

I conclude from this fact that our winds cannot produce power. I wonder why these windmills are still here.

Windmills are power users.

Every electrical power plant has an alternating current pulse. This pulse must exactly match all plants in the U.S. The pulse is introduced into each power plant by an incoming public power line. So, each electrical generator uses public power to set its pulse. If not perfectly set, the grid crashes.

Incoming public power is also used in windmills to heat the machinery, power the lubrication and security/communication/control systems and the obnoxious blinking warning lights. Without wind, windmills consume a lot of public power. The land rental for each windmill is huge and consumes a lot of money.

Our money is being ripped off.

Windmills are excellent machines if placed in a good wind. I don't know where this good wind is. I do know that the good wind does not blow here in our mountainous Western states. I think it blows where the earth is flat. The windmills must be moved.

Roy Anderson
Walla Walla


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