In the minutes - Walla Walla Council


Walla Walla City Council members are Jim Barrow, Barbara Clark, Jerry Cummins, Dominick Elia, Shane Laib, Fred Mitchell and Mayor Dan Johnson. The Council voted as follows at their Wednesday meeting:

  • SURPLUS ITEMS: Three vehicles to be declared surplus and then transferred to new joint City/County agency. Unanimous.

  • IRRP: Authorize contract with J-U-B Engineers, Inc. for survey and design services for the Whitman Street IRRP Project, for $101,861. Unanimous.

  • BORLESKE STADIUM: Authorizes yearly financial payment to Borleske Stadium Association for $60,000 for 2011. Unanimous.

  • FORT WALLA WALLA: Authorizes yearly financial payment to Fort Walla Walla Museum/Walla Walla Valley Historical Society for $15,000 for 2011. Unanimous.

  • FEDERAL GRANTS: Authorizes Local Agency Federal Aid Project for grant to be used for improvements on 13th Avenue and Abadie and Cherry streets. Unanimous.

  • CRIME VICTIM SERVICE CENTER: Authorizes acceptance of grant for $140,000 to fund from Jan. 1, 2001 through June 1, 2012. Unanimous.


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