We need to control our guns

Unity. Cooperation. Mutual respect. Peaceful dialogue. Great goals, great sound bites. A little too late.

Like so many Americans, I'm sick of the bitter, ugly words spewing from the mouths of politicians. Makes you wonder if anyone knows the meaning of "politic" (diplomatic, prudent, wise, sensible, tactful …)

I certainly agree with the calls to end the hateful language, but we must do more than tone done the anger. We need to show people how to properly express that anger. We need to teach them how to control their anger and frustration.

And, even more importantly, we need to control our guns. The gun used in the Arizona shooting was not a hunting rifle. It was not necessary for self-defense. It was a killing machine. It was meant for war. It was designed for assassinations.

Will this finally be the last straw? Will Congress finally act, now that one of their own is fighting for her life?

Congress needs to take back what the NRA has stolen from us. Americans want safe communities, not neighbors with semi-automatic pistols and high capacity clips. Tell Speaker Boehner and the rest of Congress that we need stronger government oversight of how and when people get access to guns.

If we want to honor the lives of the innocents who were killed in Arizona - where gun laws are especially lax - we need to prevent this kind of horror.

No one should die in a hail of bullets, especially not a 9-year-old girl. Let this be the last senseless death.

Annie Capestany

Walla Walla

Effort to save Aviary appreciated

I grew up in Walla Walla and have always loved our parks. The Aviary is a special place in my favorite park and I can't imagine it going away.

I applaud the grassroots efforts to save the Aviary and hope everyone in Walla Walla will get behind the cause and donate what they can. The people who built the park and the Aviary were planning for the future, we need to do the same for our children and our children's children.

Kelli Powers

Walla Walla

Why use illegal activity to sell products?

In order to grab people's attention, I have seen two recent advertisements on television that seemingly advocate speeding through a city street to get a box of donuts to an employer. Another is an advertiser boasting of their fast downloading speed on their phones while a driver is using his cell phone while driving ...

Now, admittedly, this is not the worst crime in the world. But, it seems to reflect that we can use any means to sell a product including illegal activity like speeding and using a cell phone while driving.

Images on TV affect viewers tremendously, especially younger audiences. Shouldn't the FCC insure that advertisers are not promoting products by advocating illegal and dangerous activities?

Just my thoughts ...

John Nichols


Predictions of apocalypse create confusion

As I was studying my Bible on a recent morning I thought again about the article "Apocalypse soon," Jan. 3, in the Union-Bulletin predicting a May 21 "rapture" and "judgment." I believe there will be a very disappointed group of people that day.

For decades people have been setting dates for Jesus' return and/or the end of the world. One example from the last 50 years - Hal Lindsey's book, "The Late Great Planet Earth," sold by the millions. His predictions failed.

The current May 21 is based on a misinterpretation and misunderstanding of biblical prophecy. The Bible clearly tells us that Christ is going to return and that this world, as we know it, will come to an end, but it also clearly says that NO ONE (emphasis mine) knows the day or the hour. See Matthew 24:42 and 25:13.

Unfortunately, predictions like this May 21 date stir scoffers and unbelievers to claim that the Bible cannot be trusted and perhaps even confuse sincere Christians.

A couple of websites which study Christ's second coming as foretold in the Bible are Bibleinfo.com and www.Amazingfacts.org.

Verona Schnibbe

Walla Walla

Use natural resources to curb spending

This is in regard to the U-B's Our Opinion of Jan. 9 about shared power in Congress and fiscal responsibility.

The Republicans got elected to slow down the Democrats' wild and uncontrolled spending and driving up of the national debt. As the article says, this $100 billion reduction in spending will be hard but I have another idea with a different approach to the national debt.

First, we stop sending $30 billion-plus of borrowed money a month to buy foreign oil and adding a trillion dollars every two to three years to the national debt.

How do we do this? We have a huge amount of oil reserves in this country but we aren't allowed to drill because the environment could be affected. Instead, we prefer to trash other countries to get what we need.

We watch our forests burn up and then buy lumber from everyone else so we won't have to see a clear cut or a road in our forests.

We don't want to see mining on our lands, but we will trash other countries' environments to get the metals we have to have to live the lifestyle we want. We desperately need jobs and many people rant about sending jobs overseas and yet look around. Industries that would employ millions have been run out of the country.

An article next to the U-B's editorial projected gas to be $5 per gallon by 2012. Why? Because we won't use our natural resources but we will borrow money and complain about the national debt to get what we need.

The vehicles built today will be around for 20-plus years and will need the same amount of foreign fuel for that length of time.

Wake up America, we are rapidly going bankrupt, we have massive unemployment but our environment will still be beautiful. We have laws to make our environment, and keep our environment, as beautiful as possible!

Use our natural resources and all this national debt, employment and spending problems will go away! How simple is that?

Robert Jackson

Walla Walla

Young parents need to be responsible

Did you folks out there in the world ever hear the saying, "Grandparents are taking and raising grandkids more now days than the parents do?" We have done nothing more than create a monster by letting kids do as they want and with total disregard for authority.

We hear them say, "We've got it all figured out and did all the math." If so, then why are there so many in trouble these days? Those statements just irk me because the kids think they are the only ones who know anything but fail to remember that the parents were here way before they were. Why are there so many living at their parents' homes?

As for my opinion, I think that the reason the grandparents are taking and raising their grandchildren is because the parents of these grandchildren don't want to give up their party life and having a good time.

I just wonder how many parents and grandparents have an excuse instead of a reason for this kind of behavior?

Irvin L. Powell


Saving Aviary is important effort

This past weekend my girlfriend and I traveled to Wall Walla to tour your Pioneer Park Aviary. We did this because we had heard on our local Tri-City radio station that your wonderful aviary is having a funding crisis and possibly may not be able to continue.

I recall when the aviary was built many years ago. It was done largely by private funds and considerable community involvement.

It certainly was done with an eye to the future so that many people in our region could enjoy it. When our children were young, we would drive down from the Tri-Cities to enjoy this regional little treasure.

Our children are all grown now with children of their own. It is now our turn to do what the founders did and help to save and promote this fine aviary so that future generations can enjoy it. We donated some money to help in this important effort and we look forward to bringing our grandchildren this spring to visit your fine community.

Please attend the Friends of Pioneers Park Aviary fundraiser this Saturday at the Walla Walla Elks Lodge.

Brad Anderson



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