Slade Gorton among members of Redistricting Commission


A former U.S. senator is among the four members of Washington's Redistricting Commission, which was sworn in Tuesday by Chief Justice Barbara Madsen at the Temple of Justice in Olympia. The panel, two Republicans and two Democrats chosen by the legislative caucus leaders, will select a fifth, non-voting, member to serve as chair.

The panel was created in 1983 to take over the politically thorny task of redrawing congressional and legislative boundaries after each decennial census. This year, the state earned a new congressional district, the 10th, complicating the task somewhat.

Commissioners are Republicans Slade Gorton, the former House majority leader, attorney general and three-term U.S. senator, and Tom Huff, the former state House budget chairman; and Democrats Tim Ceis, the former deputy Seattle mayor and former gubernatorial aide, and Dean Foster, the former chief administrator for the state House and chief of staff to Gov. Booth Gardner.


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