Green Park Elementary School students report possible luring incident

For the second time in a week, children report being offered a ride by a stranger.


WALLA WALLA -- Two students at Green Park Elementary reported being approached by a strange man in a car on their way home from school Thursday, the second such incident around district schools in a week.

Green Park Principal Mike Lambert said the two girls were approached on their way home by a man who asked if they wanted a ride. When the girls refused, the man apparently approached another group of students, who also declined. The man then reportedly made a "wolf call," and drove off.

The man was described by students as having dark hair and in his 20s. He was seen driving an older blue or green two-door car with a broken right tail light.

A similar incident was described by two Sharpstein Elementary students on their way home from school last Friday. A man described as in his 30s, with brown hair and in a green car reportedly offered the students a ride home as they walked along Howard Street. The man drove away after the students declined.

Walla Walla Public Schools has asked the Walla Walla Police Department to investigate the reports. Today, all district elementary schools will send letters home alerting parents, and school staff are to review "Stranger Danger" procedures with students.

Parents are asked to contact the police immediately upon learning about these types of incidents.


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