LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Mentally ill shouldn't have easy access to guns


Several letters to the editor Jan. 23, emphasized the old canard "guns don't kill people," lunatics such as Jared Loughner do.

Point conceded, and therefore, more regulation of guns, not less, is in order so that those who suffer from mental illness cannot gain such easy access to weapons.

Furthermore, Americans in this region need to understand that more tax money, not less, needs to go into health care, universal health care that includes mental and physical health.

Health and education are rights and responsibilities for us all.

Clearly, gun licensing and regulation or "control" is an issue that frightens many in the Walla Walla Valley, but exactly who owns firearms and how they acquire those weapons are questions that bear close examination.

When extremely conservative U-B letter contributors scream for their gun rights over responsibilities and continue to insist on using the malapropism of "Obama-care" instead of health care for all, it's time for a little more thoughtful reflection.

Readers, when you get the chance, please do what you can to support much-needed gun regulatory measures and universal health care, especially in this time of economic woe for the nation.

Lori Dohe
Walla Walla


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