LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Perhaps we should control ammunition


I am always amazed at the panic shown by otherwise sensible people when gun control is mentioned. All sorts of statements are made about being "anti-American" if one is "anti-gun," or stats are pulled out showing that guns have prevented crimes or enabled personal protection.

But in fact no one understands that the phrase "gun control" uses the word "control," not "elimination." Drugs are controlled, driving a vehicle is controlled, the purchase of alcohol is controlled. In no case have these been eliminated.

But there is a more amusing observation. The phrase "guns don't kill people, people kill people" is more-or-less true. What is really true is that it is the bullet or shot that kills and maims people.

There is nothing in our beloved Constitution that guarantees the right to possess ammunition. Maybe we should focus on controlling the production and sale of ammunition. Any constitutional lawyers want to weigh in?

Then guns could be used as clubs. Clubs don't kill people, Oh wait a minute, they do.

Dick Swenson
Walla Walla


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