Phone scam alleges contest winnings

A College Place resident reported to police she'd received multiple calls from likely scammers.


COLLEGE PLACE -- The Police Department has received several reports that residents are receiving telephones calls from people claiming to represent a contest that is sponsored by the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas through Bank of America.

One resident said she had received three calls instructing her to obtain a money order through Western Union for $399 and send it to an address provided by the caller. She was assured she would get this money back along with her winnings. The grand prize was indicated to be $9 million.

The woman said the caller told her that representatives for this contest were in the area of Pine Street in Walla Walla. The calls are believed to be coming from a 702 area code, which is in the Las Vegas area.

Police warn that this is a scam. Any legitimate contest would not make calls asking for money before sending out someone's winnings. People need to be aware that if they did not enter a contest and receive a call such as this, it is most likely a scam to get them to send a certain amount of money with no return.

People also need to be aware that some of these callers seem very articulate and aggressive in their presentation, police said.


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