LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Ease mandates, rules on business


In the last couple of years Americans of every political persuasion have become acquainted with "too big to fail" and bailouts as the only "cure" for substantial, even worldwide crisis.

That has rapidly led to an indebtedness of every living American approaching $45,000 each. Prior to that, no generation of Americans has passed such an economic burden to future voters. And to this date there's no end to bailouts, stimulus plans and printing more and more money. Although, there's no way to tell if efforts have done anything beyond postponing the inevitable rather than curing anything.

Now government entities are making the rules for how business can compete while competing with them in the auto, health and insurance businesses.

Those government bureaucrats are not held accountable for any cost overruns and don't have to show a profit to keep their doors open. Yet, Americans do not hold them accountable on any level.

How can private enterprise thrive in an atmosphere like that? And the government passes underfunded mandates and entitlements the already-over-burdened taxpayer has to pick up the tab on as well.

What if all unfunded mandates, entitlements, rules and regulations were simply removed? It is possible that small businesses would thrive in such a friendly environment?

I sure would love to see that tried.

Patricia Ross
Walla Walla


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