‘Guardian angels' came through

I would like to acknowledge some very kind, caring, honest, Athenians who are my "guardian angels."

A couple of weeks ago I lost three of my rings - two diamonds and one large green stone (not an emerald, but I really enjoyed that ring) - in a parking lot at the One Stop Convenience Store in Athena.

We'd stopped at One Stop to find out where the Double Tree Restaurant was located, but didn't notice I'd dropped the rings when I got out until we arrived in La Grande on our way to Boise.

With the assistance of a number of kind, gracious, caring individuals, my rings - all three of them - were recovered from the parking lot.

Those kind, gracious, caring individuals are Betty from Athena Police Station, an Athena police officer, Helen at One Stop, a nice lady at Athena City Hall, Al and Ann Mundle and Falkenberg's Jewelry.

It took a whole group of people working together to accomplish this for me, as I was still out of town!

I will never be able to praise them adequately, but want them to know how much I appreciate their assistance and honesty.

Fern M. Pohs

Walla Walla

Democrats just walking up to real world

This is in regard to the U-B's editorial, "Governor's call for bold action welcomed," dated Jan. 13.

I read this opinion and had to scratch my head, as I don't understand why the media give her and her Democratic colleagues a pass on this issue.

They are the ones who caused this mess just as on the national scene with Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Dodd and Frank.

The media and the American public need to do their homework and find out why all this happened.

My memory of the problem started when she stole the election from Rossi and the Democrats won control of the Legislature.

The state had a surplus of over $1 billion from a budget of Democratic Gov. Gary Locke's that was written by Rossi for the governor.

The state at that time was on solid fiscal ground. The voters had passed several initiatives that were to keep our legislators in line with the people's wishes for frugality in spending.

Remember how they got around these initiatives? They put emergency clauses on all the legislation so they could spend us into near bankruptcy and here we are today.

The Democrats have never seen a social program they could live without and a tax that didn't make them salivate. Payback to their political base for votes is mainly why the state and national governments are in financial trouble.

Reality is an eye-opener and the Democrats are just waking up to the real world facts and now they call it strong leadership and the willingness to make the "bold," difficult decisions to remake government! Really!

Robert Jackson

Walla Walla

St. Vincent de Paul salutes Walla Walla

Now that we have entered a new year I feel it incumbent on me to reflect on last year and point out some very bright things within our community.

We have all worried at times about the future, both here and elsewhere, and rightly so, but do you know we live in an area and community that cares about "you and me?"

Walla Walla is that caring place that is home to many organizations, both public and private, companies and groups of individuals that comprise a caring network that is second to none.

Most of these operations go about their business endeavors without fanfare or notoriety.

As president of St. Vincent de Paul of Walla Walla, I see these group endeavors on a daily basis, therefore I feel these works of charity need to be brought to everyone's attention.

They are the backbone of many of our frontline organizations that help those less fortunate of our community.

The organizations, groups and individuals I wish to point out are as varied as are our citizens. They are the leaders, volunteers, employees, retirees and school children who help man the front line every day.

Walla Walla area schools conduct food, clothing and toy drives as do many other groups and organizations.

All of our grocery stores help out with various foods that are funneled to our food banks all year long. Many groups such as church organizations, motorcycle and car clubs collect toys, clothing and food at certain times of the year.

Many banking institutions volunteer to be collection points along with other companies without asking, to collect various necessities.

Many individuals donate to us directly throughout the year.

Then there are in our case the unknown donors who give us household items, clothing and furniture for resale to raise funds to use in our charitable works.

Throughout our city the sense of charity is alive and well.

Our organization along with the other organizations - Blue Mountain Action Council and Helpline - and city officials, will not allow our needy citizens to fall into despair.

All of us should have pride in our community for what our fellow citizens accomplish. St. Vincent de Paul serves over 400 families a month and its volunteers salute Walla Walla for its sense of caring and charity.

Skip Lane

Walla Walla

Marching for unborn was an honor

I've thought about this for a couple of days now and will trudge ahead with the following:

What an honor and a privilege on Jan. 23 to join 500 others in supporting their beliefs - that is, to march in silence for the unborn children who may be aborted.

I realize not everyone will agree with me; this is a personal belief ... for me stating what I believe publicly puts more teeth into my convictions.

I do not believe in abortion, as it is for the mother, not the child. There are so many childless couples who would love that unborn child. In my opinion this is pure selfishness on the part of the mother.

I realize there are certain circumstances where this procedure is viable, but not for the convenience of the mother. Morality has gone by the wayside and humanism creeps in.

Just want to acknowledge Father Pat Kerst and Father Tim Hays of St. Patrick Catholic Church and Assumption Catholic Church and Pastor Ron Alexander of Amazing Grace Nazarene Church for extending the opportunity to march for those who cannot speak for themselves.

What an honor and a privilege to be part of this outward sign of silence for the unborn child.

May all who marched be richly blessed, I know I was.

Rosey Swanson

Walla Walla

Statement was historically accurate

Perhaps if Mr. Larson rereads my letter to the editor, he will note that I made no claim whatsoever that there were Seventh-day Adventists, or any Sabbath-keepers in the Millerite movement.

My statement was historically accurate and true: "the (SDA) denomination has its beginnings in a movement that was predicting the end of time in 1844."

The fact is Ellen White, the alleged "prophet" of the SDA sect, was a member of the Millerites (she was a 17-year -old Methodist at the time), and when the movement disintegrated after the failure of Miller's 1844 end-time prophecy, Ellen, with her husband James White, led one of the smaller groups into what became known as Seventh-day Adventism.

I am very familiar with this denomination's teachings, doctrines and practices as I was raised in it and spent 12 years being indoctrinated through its church school system ... and I will be very surprised if the U-B does not receive an outpouring of defensive letters from SDA members in response to mine.

Ann Lehman

Walla Walla


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