LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Tired of aggressive dogs and their owners


Last week was the last straw. My dog and I will no longer be visiting the dog park due to aggressive dogs and their owners. The last few visits to the park have resulted in my having to take my dog home to avoid his being injured by aggressive dogs.

I am not referring to dogs that play rough. I am referring to dogs that raise their hackles and lash out at anyone who gets close to their owners.

I am also referring to dogs that attack other dogs with no provocation.

Last week not only was my dog bitten, but the same dog attempted to bite the back of my leg when I was walking my dog out of the park. His owners did nothing and then got defensive when I told them about their dog's behavior.

The dog park is a place for properly trained and socialized dogs to run and have fun with other dogs, and get some exercise. While the majority of owners act responsibly and keep good control over their dogs, there are, unfortunately, a few who ruin it for the rest of us and our dogs.

People who take their dogs to the park need to be honest with themselves about how their dogs behave. If you find yourself having to make excuses about your dogs poor/dangerous behavior, you need to take yourself and your dog to a good obedience class or trainer, not to the dog park.

Peggy Backlund
Walla Walla


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