LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - In court of public opinion, adorable octopus is art


I'm old enough to remember a less "sue happy" era when everything was not rushed to a vague legal conclusion so someone could feel vindicated by the judgment. Back then, a businessman who showed innovation that drew attention that was unique to his business would be rewarded for doing so.

Presently an adorable octopus occupies what was a bland space on a Main Street storefront. In the court of public opinion, it's a work of art that's resulted in publicity for Walla Walla on television throughout the Northwest, at least - and who knows how far via Internet?

If our City Council is successful in extracting $100 a day fine for every day of the display, what message does it send to any small business contemplating opening a store in this area? And quite possibly this wonderful long overdue quality store will have to close its doors.

How I wish there had been a toy store of this caliber when my own family, my grandchildren and even my great-grandchildren were growing up in this beloved Valley!

I'm so glad so many are running for City Council --perhaps new members can focus on matters of greater consequence to all citizens.

Patricia Ross

Walla Walla


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