LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - It's time to legalize marijuana in Washington


I disagree with the editorial about legalizing marijuana.

If the reason for the legalization is that prohibition has failed, why continue with it?

Frankly, I detect a bias in your editorial. You repeatedly refer to marijuana as "pot" and the phrase "hitting the bong" is sure to trigger a negative reaction in some readers. Not once do you refer to alcohol as "booze."

The two most harmful drugs in our society are alcohol and nicotine. As a matter of fact, cigarette smoking is responsible for more deaths than all the other drugs combined according to the American Lung Association. Yet these two are legal.

You state that people only smoke marijuana to get "high." This is not true. Some use it to relax or, as we now know, it can be used for medical reasons. As far as I am aware, there are no medical reasons for alcohol and yes, some people can get a buzz from one beer and that is their goal.

Making marijuana legal will probably decriminalize it. It can then be regulated and maybe bring in tax revenue for the state.

As I see it, there is no reason to keep it illegal except fear and prejudice.

I am not a marijuana smoker so I have no personal investment in the issue. I do agree smoking and driving is a bad idea just as drinking and driving is.

The time has come for some old ideas to be discarded. The world is changing. That is the only thing we can be certain of.

Mary Kay Pinnick

Walla Walla


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