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There is a tiny catch to this event, but it's well worth the donation for Masterpiece fans of "Downton Abbey," which will be offered for a second season this winter.

Folks who donate $125 or more in support of Masterpiece on KCTS 9 in Seattle will have the opportunity to schmooze with the cast and executive producer and sample season two from 2-4 p.m. Aug. 2 at Seattle Center. The series portrays life in the Edwardian country house of Downton Abbey.

Expected to be at the event are Cora, Countess of Grantham -- played by Elizabeth McGovern; third cousin, perfect stranger and gasp, working man -- Matthew Crawley, actor Dan Stevens; Lady Mary Crawley, the heir who couldn't be because "girls can't inherit" -- actress Michelle Dockery; and series Executive Producer Rebecca Eaton, who will introduce the cast and share behind the scenes stories from season two.

Call 1-800-937-5287 to secure an exclusive invitation to attend this event by donating $125 or more in support of Masterpiece on KCTS 9. Space is limited. In a release from KCTS, Masterpiece ratings are up 45 percent for the season because of the tales Rebecca and her Masterpiece team help bring across the pond for PBS viewers.

Clive Kaiser, an extension agent in Umatilla County, conducted training sessions at Agricultural University of Moldova in April. The week-long trip was arranged through USAID Horticultural in Moldova to better educate their students in modern agricultural techniques and methods.

He spoke about his experiences to assembled Milton-Freewater Rotary Club members in June.

The Republic of Moldova wants an economic position with Europe but lags behind in organization and influence, Clive told Rotarians. The average income is about $120 per month and Moldova has a high unemployment rate.

The small land-locked country lies between Romania to the west and the Ukraine on the north, east and south. It's near the east coast of the Black Sea, but there isn't direct access to the Black Sea.

According to a release from Rotary reporter Robby Robbins, Moldova was founded in 1359 and remained under Soviet occupation until about 1991. Following the break-up of the USSR, a democratic movement occurred and on Aug. 27, 1991, Moldova declared its independence.

Clive worked with the university to improve training of younger people in the agricultural community, and to improve their products and marketing.

"Clive told us the university students are expected to memorize large volumes of facts but there is very little effort or training to get them to apply that information into real-world situations," Robby said.

The country's large agricultural base produces cherries, apples, prunes, walnuts and corn and a wine industry is developing.

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