LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Cutting kids out of lavender market stinks


I was recently told my granddaughters could no longer sell their lavender at the Farmers' Market unless they had "business liability insurance with the WWVFMA listed as 'additionally' insured on the policy."

The market manager said that while this vendor rule had actually been in place for a while, the Market Association had just begun active enforcement this year.

I did a quick investigation. The cheapest liability insurance I could find was $450 a year. So, this vendor rule effectively eliminates all "junior" vendors and all micro-sellers and part-time sellers from the Farmers' Market. I know this cannot possibly have been the intention of the WWVFMA Board, but unfortunately it still remains an unanticipated consequence.

Could something be done to rectify this situation or even have an exception made for "junior" sellers until the WWVFMA Board can meet and address this problem? (Hopefully, rather quickly, before all my granddaughters' lavender is gone.)

I did a quick search on Google using "Farmers market" and either "junior sellers" or "youth sellers" and I came up with some wonderful information on efforts by Farmers' Markets around the country to actively seek out and encourage youth sellers. I also found that some farmer's markets actually carry liability insurance that covers all vendors, as do many craft shows. So, there has to be something that can provide a solution that doesn't exclude so many people from selling.

My granddaughters have sold lavender at the Farmers' Market for the past five years. They only sell for a few weeks in the early summer before all their lavender is gone, but this experience has provided invaluable lessons in life skills, money management and business practices. And now it will provide an example of how much this community values its children.

Shirley Tait
Walla Walla


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