LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Hypocritical media and phony Christians


Dominique Strauss-Kahn has been released and his money and his potency and the unintelligence of his accuser have produced an inabrogable "reasonable doubt." He'll be exonerated, and his accuser forgiven because she is female.

The hypocritical American media, led by our banner-waving phony Christians, convicted Mr. Strauss-Kahn immediately upon the accusation. They also will be forgiven, being traditionally unaccountable.

So many people are held unaccountable regardless of their cruelties. Women are held unaccountable because men are ashamed of our need for them.

The phony Christians believe conveniently that God, a creator of such capacity that it created the universe, and not merely created the universe but actually created itself, would care enough about their puny dishonorable selves that it would forgive them any inadequacies or depredations.

That, in itself, had been an achievement greater than were the other two.

David Castleman



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