LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Socialism still a dirty word


From a reader's opinion titled "Socialism is not a dirty word," the author suggests that socialism is what builds highways and parks. The author is going to enjoy the National Scenic Trail and to get there he is going to use the U.S. highway system, and since these were built and are maintained with government tax revenue, we can all thank socialism for our highways and parks.

I completely disagree with the author. I don't think socialism has anything to do with our highway system or parks. President Eisenhower started the interstate highway system, and in 60 years, I have never heard anyone call Eisenhower a socialist.

Just to clarify, most of the anti-socialists I have talked to are not against taking tax dollars and spending the tax dollars (that's tax dollars, not borrowed money) for the overall good of the public. Nor are they against taking tax dollars and helping those who are physically and mentally handicapped.

However, they are against taking money from one hard-working American and giving the money to another lazy person (there always have been, and always will be lazy people).

Here's the beef most anti-socialists have with the "new socialism" in America. Young people do their homework, go to college or trade school, or maybe even take a chance and start their own business. They start making $60,000 to $150,000 (no I am not talking about the wealthy, just the upper-middle-class), they already pay a 33 percent tax rate and that's just for federal taxes, but the new socialistic government wants even more money from them.

Why does the government want more money? Because when those young Americans work hard, there are other young Americans right next to them who don't want to work so hard, but now want a bigger piece of the pie. They can't get a bigger piece of the pie because they don't have the education, or the skills needed to get a high paying job or to start their own businesses, on average, so they simply elect a socialistic politician who will equal out the money the hard-working Americans are now making.

From Webster's, socialism: "The stage following capitalism in the transition of a society to communism." If Americans don't want to be on the path to communism, then socialism is still a dirty word.

Richard Strozinsky

Walla Walla


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