LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Tax system must be equitable


There are several items that should influence our thoughts regarding the federal deficit.

First, about 50 percent of the public pays no federal income taxes.

Second, about 10 percent of the population pays approximately 75 percent of the income taxes. And finally, about 41 cents of each dollar our government spends is borrowed. These three items should set off a few alarm bells.

Several weeks ago a person wrote a letter suggesting it wouldn't hurt the wealthiest of our country to pay additional taxes. Those in that group might suggest it wouldn't hurt the 50 percent or so who don't pay taxes to pay taxes.

We all hear about the movement of jobs from the United States to foreign countries where labor is less expensive. Have you thought about what would happen if those 10 percent paying 75 percent of our taxes were to move abroad?

Our country needs a tax system that is equitable and a budget for expenditures that isn't structured around getting votes for elected representatives. Our country has a big financial problem and the people we sent to Washington need to fix it or be replaced.

Nat Webb

Walla Walla


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