When: Wednesday, 6:30 p.m. (following planning public hearing)

Where: W-A Memorial Hall, 210 E. Main St.

  • FALSE ALARM: Discuss ordinance related to false alarm.

  • PLANNING COMMISSION: Consider changing planning commission membership from five to three members.

  • CITY HALL: Consider approving engineer's recommendations and bid packet for City Hall repairs.

  • SURPLUS: Consider approving surplus property program.

  • GRAVEL SPREADER: Consider approving purchase of gravel spreader with Wildhorse Foundation grant.

  • BUYING LIMIT: Consider raising purchase limit for department heads from $500 to $750.

  • FEE SCHEDULE: Consider approving city fee schedule.

  • INSURANCE: Consider employee health insurance policy options.

  • PAYMENT: Consider approving contractor payment for grit chamber.

  • PROCUREMENT: Consider approving participation in the Oregon co-op procurement program.

  • WEB HOSTING: Consider approving community web hosting partnership with city organizations.

  • LEXIPOL: Consider authorizing payment for a Lexipol membership for the police department.


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