LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Whitman Hotel toppling is first of many problems


I have done some homework and here it is.

Steven Ruley, local public safety communication manager, made a statement regarding the Marcus Whitman Hotel and Conference Center toppling onto the location where 9-1-1 is housed. That must mean we would have had an earthquake or some tremor.

If this is his reasoning, then Second Avenue would be completely blocked. Well if this event occurred, then the overpass would also be on the ground. And depending where the epicenter, then all the bridges on Mill Creek from the Walla Walla Community College to downtown to 13th Avenue would be in the creek.

Depending on what time of year, we might have floods occurring on Alder Street because of the bridges. The only bridge that might withstand the tremor could be the one on Palouse Street, just recently rebuilt, and possibly Park Street.

If these do not remain passable, the north part of Walla Walla will be isolated. They will not have access to the hospitals, and that could be a disaster. The Baker Boyer, Denny Building and Drumheller Building would also topple.

So everything north from Poplar Street would be in isolation. They would have the medics and fire protection, but no access to hospitals.

The Post Office and the Courthouse would be rubble. The main problem after this could possibly be is the Bonneville Power Administration substation west of town.

If this were to happen Walla Walla would be in major trouble. We would not have to worry about the hundred-year flood plain. This would cause a blackout.

Now I ask, what are Ruley's thoughtful plans to cover this disaster? Moving 9-1-1 to College Place will not aid this problem.

I mentioned about the new police station being built. It probably is being built with top specs according to standards for earthquakes and floods.

Louis G. Valiante
Walla Walla


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