LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Paul Mobley will bring fresh perspective


I am writing in support of Paul Mobley for Walla Walla City Council. Paul is my uncle, so of course I am biased, but I also respect him as a person and know his long-term friendships and family relationships will give him a varied perspective in fair and reasonable governance of Walla Walla.

I have always admired Paul's work ethic and strong sense of community. Watching how he has developed Aloha Sushi in Walla Walla has really inspired me.

I consider Paul's diplomacy to be one of his strengths as evidenced by his decision to run against Dominick Elia, who he chose solely based on Elia's longevity on the Council.

In fact, at one of Paul's campaign meetings, Paul made it clear that Elia's tenure reflected his value to the city and he really respects the man, but after 24 years it would benefit our city to have a fresh perspective.

A vote for Paul Mobley is a vote of confidence for the future of Walla Walla.

Sara Van Donge
Walla Walla


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