Business Monthly Bio - Kimberly Miner


Business: Photographer, owner of Kimberly, Ink

Hometown: Walla Walla.

Favorite memory: "Growing up in the country. Playing in the river, in the barns, climbing hills and fences."

Favorite music: Adult contemporary, alternative music that she finds relaxing. Norah Jones, Morcheeba, Flunk

Favorite food: She likes a lot of different things but loves Thai food. "Thai food is simple and fresh. I don't like casseroles, everything all baked and cooked together."

Favorite movie: " 'Broke Down Palace.' I love the incredible soundtrack, the colors, the scenes shot in Thailand."

Favorite book: "I love historic novels, my favorite is 'Bless This House' by Norah Lofts.

Favorite activities: "Photography is my hobby and I'm so blessed that I get paid to do it. I love reading, riding bikes, leisure and when I'm in other cities I explore coffee shops and go thrift-store shopping."

Favorite place in the area: "My home. I choose to be here over everything."

Most recent local purchase: "Since Goodwill wasn't open at 8, a side mirror for my son's car."

Dream vacation: "I already took my dream vacation to Italy. This year I want to drive from Spain to Rome, along the coast the whole way. Just drive."

Worst job: "Working nights in a factory, at Continental Can. I was 18 and my friends were all out having fun and I was working at night."

Dream career: Having Rick Steves' job touring the world as host of a television travel show would be fun.

Person you'd most like to talk with: Queen Esther from the Book of Esther in the Bible. "I would tell her that everything she did had saved the world. Bad things happened for good reasons. I wish I knew how she felt."


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