Walla Walla City Council to consider change in rezoning rules

The proposal would let the city rezone portions of its property without going through the comp plan process.


WALLA WALLA -- A proposal to grant the city greater authority to rezone its public property without comprehensive plan review will be discussed and possibly voted on at Wednesday's City Council meeting.

This spring, officials with the State Department of Commerce had criticized the proposed amendment, but recently changed their stance after the city revised the amendment to apply only to smaller parcels.

As originally written, the amendment would have allowed the city to rezone any of its property within city limits or the urban growth area without having to undergo the comprehensive plan review and hearing process.

City officials said they need the amendment to allow them to make necessary zoning changing without bogging projects down for years in review.

Originally, the amendment would have allowed the city to rezone larger tracts, such as those set aside for future Sudbury Landfill expansion.

The revisions limit rezones to land within city limits and only parcels that do not exceed 5 acres, along with other stipulations.

The meeting will be at 7 p.m. at 15 N. Rose St.; the proposed amendment review is an open hearing and public testimony will be accepted.

Alfred Diaz can be reached at alfreddiaz@wwub.com or 526-8325.


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