State issues boil order for Burbank area


The state Department of Health has issued a boil water order to the Sun Harbor Water District No. 3 Water System, beginning this morning.

The district is a few miles east of Burbank and north of Highway 124. The order was issued due to the water testing positive for E. coli bacteria, officials said.

Users of the water system were being informed house by house. The advisory affects about 82 households and 187 individuals served by this water system and will remain until the water system is tests free of coliform bacteria.

Further testing of the system's water is ongoing at the Walla Walla County Health Department. Users will be notified when the order from the state DOH is lifted, but the situation is expected to last several days.

State health officials will be working with the Sun Harbor staff to determine the cause of the problem and help prevent future contamination, which will include emergency disinfection of the reservoir. No illness associated with the water has been reported, officials said.

Other water systems in Walla Walla County are not affected by this order and have current satisfactory water quality tests.


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