LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - We need to balance budget


As we watch the fiasco that is the debate over raising the debt limit, with one side wanting to stop it and the other side wanting to raise it, the president makes speeches on TV.

Now all these speeches seem to point the blame at the conservatives or what they call the tea baggers, and a few lies are also told. One of the biggest is when the president says if it isn't raised they won't have the money to pay Social Security, the military and the interest on our debt.

What he doesn't say is the government will get a little more then $200 billion in tax receipts at the first of the month and the interest on our debt is around $20 billion.

Now, if my math is correct, that leaves around $180 billion. If officials can't pay Social Security and the military, what are they doing with the money? They blame the Republicans for no budget passing but they forget to mention the last Congress never even tried to cut spending, nor did the president. That would be due to the fact a balanced budget would curtail the spending.

The president says they need to tax the rich, businesses like oil companies and private planes and yachts. But he forgets to mention if they tax these people and things then even more people will lose jobs and prices will go even higher.

Conveniently not mentioned is that General Electric paid no taxes at all last year, but then again the CEO is heading a presidential council. They want to raise the debt ceiling another $2-plus trillion. Where is the money going to come from?

We are on the verge of bankruptcy as a country and this administration doesn't care and won't stop spending. We as a people need to contact our representatives and tell them to stop the spending and balance the budget or our grandchildren will be paying for what we let a run away government do.

Greg Laughery



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