LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Should spreading of Islam be a concern?


How the left supports Islam and sabotages America was the introductory sentence in a recent letter to the editor. That concept came to mind when reading the Los Angeles Times article, "Fighting mosques in the name of freedom," which was in the May 22 Walla Walla Union-Bulletin.

In essence, it was the story of Muslims wanting to build a 'mega-mosque' in Murfeesboro, Tenn., the conflict this created in the community and how the Christians and many community members came to the aid of the Muslims so they could build the mosque.

The opposite, of course, would not occur in an Islamic country. Muslims would not come to the aid of Christians attempting to build a large Christian church in an Islamic country. Muslims in Egypt are currently killing Christians and burning their churches. Indeed, in the U.S. we have freedom of religion and, generally, we help our neighbors.

The author lampoons those individuals who are warning communities of what may arise from the inroads of Islam into their local communities. He even chastises the reader to remember the communist scares of the Cold War -- implying the Red Scare and Sen. Joseph McCarthy's hearings on communist infiltrations in the U.S. were merely grandstanding by the senator.

However, the release of the Venona Papers in the 1990s, during the implosion of the former Soviet Union, validated Sen. McCarthy's concern decades earlier about the infiltration of Communists in the U.S..

There are many books now exposing the true Islam, but most Americans continue to be misled by the media. The central tenet of Islam is to establish and spread Sharia law, even in Murfeesboro.

Perhaps, we should not be concerned: Our president stated the prettiest sound he ever heard was the call to Muslim prayer. Are we asking too much for the same respect toward our faith in Muslim communities, both in the U.S. and Muslim communities worldwide.

Bob Westergard
Walla Walla

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