Fire district commissioner positions up for election


A number of fire district commissioner positions are open in Walla Walla, Columbia and Garfield counties. Full terms for positions is six years.

Not all districts and open positions were listed in Sunday's listing of positions open for filing. Additional fire districts in Walla Walla County, with open position and incumbent named are:

Fire District 3, Commissioner 2, Steven Hoffman.

Fire District 4, Commissioner 2, Ben F. Cavalli Jr.

Fire District 5, Commissioner 2, Alan Mehlenbacher.

Fire District 6, Commissioner 1, Jim Fowler, 2-year unexpired term. Commissioner 2, Richard Easton.

Fire District 7, Commissioner 2, Melvin Talbott. Commissioner 3, Robert L. Beckman, 4-year unexpired term.

Fire District 8, Commissioner 2, Ralph L. Yaw.


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