In the minutes - WESTON CITY COUNCIL


Members of the council are Bill Boyd, Lynn Delph, Juan Avila and Dennis Snider. Mayor is Duane Thul. With all present Wednesday the council:

  • JULY 4: Tim Crampton told the council the Pioneer Association and the Chamber of Commerce plan to hold a July 4 picnic. This is the first time for this event.

  • LIBRARY: Appointed Gary Jensen to the Weston Library Board, and Marlene Thompson as an alternate. Unanimous.

  • REPORTS: Learned city officials met with engineers and discussed installing a second water tower. The engineers recommended conducting flow tests, which would take two days and cost about $5,000.

  • CITY HALL: Learned engineers believe an earthquake in the 1930s caused one corner of City Hall to sink about 3not;? inches. They want to monitor the corner for a year, but the city can move forward on stabilization.

  • DEADLY FORCE: Learned the police department is working on developing a mandated deadly force plan.

  • NO PARKING: Voted to install "No Parking" signs on either side of Water Street north from Suzi's Handy Mart to Depot Street, and on Second Street from Water to Franklin streets. Unanimous. The streets are narrow, and when cars are parked there isn't enough room for emergency vehicles to pass.

  • STUDY: Discussed draft feasibility study for City hall conducted by Public Affairs Research Consultants. The firm wants input from the council on the study.

  • PLANNING COMMISSION: Thul told the council there has not been a full Planning Commission for the past three years, and currently there are two members on the 5-position board. Thul said he is going to look into having a 3-member board.

  • WEIGHT LIMIT: Learned the city's attorney is working on a new ordinance setting weight limit on bridges.

  • FINES: Discussed changing the method of collecting court fines. The court clerk has investigated how other courts collect fines. The council will continue to study the issue.

  • MUNICIPAL COURT JUDGE: Discussed judge position.

  • EVIDENCE TECH: Voted to appoint Suzi Reitz as volunteer evidence technician. Unanimous.

  • VOLUNTEER STIPEND: Decided to hire Reitz as a contracted worker for up to 20 hours a week, depending on work load and grant fund availability to provide clerical services for the Police Department. Unanimous.

  • DOG POUND: Voted to allow the police department to pursue a grant to enlarge the dog pound, which is currently out of code. Unanimous.

  • PATROL CAR: Approved purchase of a 2000 Ford Expedition to replace the police department's 2000 Crown Victoria. Purchase price and outfitting to police The Expedition is not to exceed $15,000. Vote was 3 to 1, with Snyder voting no.

  • SURPLUS PROPERTY: Discuss guidelines for disposing of surplus property program. Avila presented the council with a draft proposal he has prepared.

  • FALSE ALARMS: Avila presented a draft of the county's ordinance regarding false alarms.


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