LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - EPA needs effective oversight


There needs to be effective Congressional oversight and control over the EPA.

The United States did not ratify the Kyoto Treaty or approve U.N. environmental Agenda 21, but the EPA has been implementing these documents since its inception. The latest is an agreement with the Natural Resources Defense Counsel to accept its petition that mandates replacing the current R134A refrigerant used in cars with a new refrigerant.

When this is instituted, it will cost the auto industry and the American consumer millions of dollars. The EPA and environmental groups like the NRDC continue to follow the fallacious premise that global warming is anthropogenic (man caused).

It is now called global warming potential. This is big business and without the green crusade to save the world from man, green profits are minimized.

They cannot afford not to blame man. It is difficult to blame nature and make money. The switch from R12 (Freon) to R134A, is a prime example.

In the 1990s, R134A replaced freon as a refrigerant (following the Kyoto Treaty guidelines) because freon allegedly contributed to holes in the ozone.

There was no scientific proof of this. Freon is heavier than air, settles on the ground and is consumed by microbes. It was much more efficient than R134A. A 30 pound freon container that would normally cost $30 became $1,000. Border agents were diverted from drug interdiction by the "internet inventor" to intercept freon smugglers.

The NRDC is a heavyweight in the environmental community and its weapon of choice is the lawsuit. This is the same organization associated with the Alar scare that nearly bankrupted the apple industry.

To the NRDC, economics are irrelevant to environmental issues. Since its inception in the 1970s, the NRDC has cost the American economy billions in legal fees and lost productivity. It has waged war on virtually every chemical used in the industrial process.

There is no indication that Congress will control the excesses of the EPA. Perhaps, they are cohorts with the for-profit green agenda.

Craig Buchanan
Walla Walla

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