Tacoma's Weidman has two-shot lead at Seniors Tournament

Rich Weidman is the only player to match Walla Walla Country Club's par-72.


WALLA WALLA - Tacoma golfer Rich Weidman was the only player in the field of 114 to match par Thursday during the opening round of the 51st annual Walla Walla Country Club Seniors Tournament.

Playing in near perfect conditions, Weidman matched par-72 and fashioned a two-shot lead over Gig Harbor's Frank Mitchell heading into today's second round of the 54-hole competition. The third and final round will be played Saturday.

Weidman and Mitchell ranked 1-2 in the men's first gross flight. The next nearest players in the battle for the gross championship were Dave Uhlman of Yakima, Don Hamlin of Walla Walla, Frank Spitulski of Ridgefield, Wash., and Don Rhodes of Olympia, all safely in the clubhouse with 7-over-par 79s that left them seven shots off the pace.

Uhlman was alone in third place in the first gross flight.

Hamlin and Spitulski were knotted atop the second gross flight, three shots in front of Walla Walla's Rick Doyle and Russ Blomberg of Danville, Calif., who matched 82s. Chris Bevan of Gold Canyon, Ariz., was another shot back at 83.

And Rhodes used his 79 for a five-shot lead over Walla Walla's Gary Maestretti in the third gross flight. Clint Bidwell of Walla Walla and Edward Shannon of Lakewood, Wash., were tied for fourth place, one stroke behind Maestretti after turning in identical scores of 85.

The fourth gross flight lead after one round of play belonged to Bob Greene of Walla Walla, who finished with a 91. Greene was two shots up on fellow Walla Wallan Bill Brownfield and Robert Deichi of Leavenworth, Wash., who shared second place at 93. Bob Seifert of Walla Walla was another stroke back at 94, Rome Sikora of Normandy Park, Wash., was alone in fifth place with a 95 and John McKern of Walla Walla came next with a 96.

Weidman also held the top net position in the first flight with a score of 69, which was good for a one-shot lead over Mitchell and a two-shot edge on Uhlman.

But the overall leader in handicap play was Olympia's Rhodes, who carded an 8-under 64 to set the pace in the third flight. He was followed by Maestretti at 66, Shannon at 67 and Bidwell and Gary Michelson of Scottsdale, Ariz., both at 68. Milton-Freewater's Arnie Ewoniuk was alone in sixth place with a 70.

Spitulski was second overall in net play with a 65, which was good for the top spot in the second flight. Walla Walla's Hamlin was three shots back at 68 and Doyle and Blomberg were again in flat-footed tie, each of them in at 70.

Greene carded a net 70 to lead the fourth flight by two shots over Brownfield, Deichi and McKern, who all finished with 72s. There was another logjam at 73 that included Seifort, Sikora, Gary Wolfe of College Place and Henry Kerr of Des Moines, Wash.

Defending men's gross champion Jim O'Rourke of Spokane carded an 81 Thursday and was nine shots off the pace. Brownfield, the defending net champion, faced an eight-stroke deficit after his first-round 72.

Harrison Jewell of Edmunds, Wash., last year's super senior (65-74 years of age) winner shot 76 Thursday and was one stroke up on O'Rourke in that category. And Knipe, the defending legends (75-and-older) champion, was once again on top with his first-round 78.

While the men were taking on the challenges of the country club's more wooded course, the women's senior tourney was being waged at the spacious, links-style Wine Valley Golf Course.

Defending champion Sue Chestnut of Walla Walla fired a 3-over-par 75 and had already built a six-shot lead heading into today's second round of the 36-hole competition.

Sharon Johnston of University Place was alone in second with an 81, followed by a quartet of Walla Wallans. Terri Camp shot 82, Claire Knipe 83, Jan Harvey 84 and Jan Johnson 86 to hold down the next four positions in the first gross flight.

In the second gross flight, Sam Long of Redmond, Wash., shot 91 and was also six strokes up going into today's play. Carol Maki of Vashon, Wash., Dodie Smith of La Conner, Wash., and Jeannie McKean of Bellevue were knotted in second place with matching 97s.

In net play, Stalcup's 65 was good for a two-shot lead over Chestnut in the first flight and Long, Kathy Hawkins of Vashon and Suzanne McQuary of Seattle matched 68s to share the lead in the second flight.

WW Country Club Seniors

Men's Gross Division

First Flight Leaders

72 - Rich Weidman, Tacoma.

74 - Frank Mitchell, Gig Harbor, Wash.

79 - Dave Uhlman, Yakima.

80 - Gary Fulton, Lakewood, Wash.

81 - Brad Gunn, Bellevue, Wash.; Harrison Jewell, Edmunds, Wash.; Jim O'Rourke, Spokane.

82 - Bill Fleenor, Walla Walla; Bradley Kittredge, Vashon, Wash.; Byron Nelson, Lakewood, Wash.; Doug Wersehkul, Olympia; Mike Maki, Vashon, Wash.

83 - Bill Hartley, Lakewood, Wash.; David West, Bellevue, Wash.; Dick Knipe, Walla Walla; Stephen Bader, Fircrest, Wash.

84 - John Martin, Lake Forest Park, Wash.

85 - Barton C. Harvey, Walla Walla; Dick MacGowan, University Place, Wash.; Joe Nelson, Terrebonni, Ore.; Ted Fluharty, Boise.

Second Flight Leaders

79 - Don Hamlin, Walla Walla; Frank Spitulski, Ridgefield, Wash.

82 - Rick Doyle, Walla Walla; Russ Blomberg, Danville, Calif.

83 - Chris Bevan, Gold Canyon, Ariz.

85 - Art McKean, Bellevue, Wash.; Bill Fitchitt, Auburn, Wash.; Eugene Krueger, Federal Way, Wash.

86 - Dennis Hudson, Lakewood, Wash.; Dick Simon, Walla Walla; Mike Hanberg, Tacoma.

87 - Dave Bateman, Walla Walla; John deGroen, Vashon.

88 - Tom Huling, Seattle.

89 - Dick Curtis, Boise; Doug Toschi, Seattle; Gary Bickford, Vancouver, Wash.; Richard Backlund, Walla Walla.

90 - Jack Hubbard, Gig Harbor, Wash.

91 - John Collins, Lakewood, Wash.

92 - Jack Burns, Lakewood, Wash.

Third Flight Leaders

79 - Don Rhodes, Olympia.

84 - Gary Maestretti, Walla Walla.

85 - Clint Bidwell, Walla Walla; Edward Shannon, Lakewood, Wash.

87 - Arnie Ewoniuk, Milton-Freewater.

88 - Gary Michelson, Scottsdale, Ariz.

90 - Brad Rice, Walla Walla; Larry O'Neil, Tacoma; Neil Jungeman, Vashon, Wash.; Robert Lande, Vashon, Wash.

92 - Nick Iverson, Lakewood, Wash.; Tom McQuary, Seattle.

93 - Gil Conforti, Lakewood, Wash.; Paul Ramsdell, Gig Harbor, Wash.

94 - David Jack, Vashon, Wash.; Phil Stalcup, Bellevue, Wash.

95 - Joe Tessier, Seattle; Robert Hawkins, Vashon, Wash.; Skip Carver, Vashon, Wash.

96 - Bob Fitchitt, Arlington, Wash.; Goff Smith, La Conner, Wash.; Mike Johnston, University Place, Wash..

98 - Tom Bergevin, Walla Walla.

Fourth Flight Leaders

91 - Bob Greene, Walla Walla.

93 - Bill Brownfield, Walla Walla; Robert Deichl, Leavenworth, Wash.

94 - Ron Seifert, Walla Walla.

95 - Rome Sikora, Normandy Park, Wash.

96 - John McKern, Walla Walla.

97 - Gilbert Le Vander, Buckley, Wash.

99 - Myron Schmerer, Walla Walla.

100 - Alan Mendel, Seattle; Bob Adams, Walla Walla.

101 - Dale Shoemaker, University Place, Wash.; Gerald Lisac, West Linn, Ore.; John Olson, Vashon, Wash.; Richard Swanson, Gig Harbor, Wash.; Tom Beffa, Normandy Park, Wash.; Val Jensen, Walla Walla.

102 - Dave Van Horn, Vashon, Wash.; Henry Kerr, Des Moines, Wash.

103 - Don Rostad, Edmunds, Wash.; Gary Wolfe, College Place; Larry Bittner, Tacoma.

104 - Mike Kimmel, Vashon, Wash.

105 - Hal Deck, Walla Walla; James Huntington, Vashon, Wash.; Robert Kajca, Vashon, Wash.

Men's Net Division

First Flight Leaders

69 - Rich Weidman, Tacoma.

70 - Frank Mitchell, Gig Harbor, Wash.

71 - Dave Uhlman, Yakima

72 - Gary Fulton, Lakewood, Wash.

73 - Byron Nelson, Lakewood, Wash.; Doug Wersehkul, Olympia.

74 - Brad Gunn, Bellevue, Wash.; Mike Maki, Vashon, Wash.; Stephen Bader, Fircrest, Wash.

Second Flight Leaders

65 - Frank Spitulski, Ridgefield, Wash.

68 - Don Hamllin, Walla Walla.

70 - Rick Doyle, Walla Walla; Russ Blomberg, Danville, Calif.

71 - Chris Bevan, Gold Canyon, Ariz.

73 - Eugene Krueger, Federal Way, Wash.

74 - Art McKean, Bellevue, Wash.; John deGroen, Vashon, Wash.

Third Flight Leaders

64 - Don Rhodes, Olympia.

66 - Gary Maestretti, Walal Walla.

67 - Edward Shannon, Lakewood, Wash.

68 - Clint Bidwell, Walla Walla; Gary Michelson, Scottsdale, Ariz.

70 - Arnie Ewoniuk, Milton-Freewater.

71 - Robert Lande, Vashon, Wash.

Fourth Flight Leaders

70 - Bob Greene, Walla Walla.

72 - Bill Brownfield, Walla Walla; John McKern, Walla Walla; Robert Deichl, Leavenworth, Wash.

73 - Gary Wolfe, College Place; Henry Kerr, Des Moines, Wash.; Rome Sikora, Normandy Park, Wash.; Ron Seifert, Walla Walla.

74 - Robert Kajca, Vashon, Wash.; Tom Beffa, Normandy Park, Wash.

75 - Gilbert Le Vander, Buckley, Wash.

76 - Alan Mendel, Seattle; Richard Swanson, Gig Harbor, Wash.; Bob Adams, Walla Walla.

Women's Gross Division

First Flight Leaders

75 - Sue Chestnut, Walla Walla.

81 - Sharon Johnston, University Place, Wash.

82 - Terri Camp, Walla Walla.

83 - Claire Knipe, Walla Walla.

84 - Jan Harvey, Walla Walla.

86 - Jan Johnson, Walla Walla.

87 - Maggie Stalcup, Bellevue

88 - Sandra McBride, Mesa, Wash.

90 - Kathy Mauer, Walla Walla; Lori Kittredge, Vashon, Wash.

91 - BJ Marsh, Washougal, Wash.; Sandra Smith, Walla Walla.

Second Flight Leaders

91 - Sam Long, Redmond, Wash.

97 - Carol Maki, Vashon, Wash.; Dodie Smith, La Conner, Wash.; Jennie McKean, Bellevue, Wash.

98 - Eileen Buskirk, Vashon, Wash.

99 - Kathy Hawkins, Vashon, Wash.; Renate Kwieciak, Olympia.

101 - Donna Dederer, Vashon, Wash.; Mary MacGowan, University Place, Wash; Suzanne McQuary, Seattle.

102 - Becki Collins, Lakewood, Wash.; Jayne Shannon, Lakewood, Wash.

Women's Net Division

First Flight Leaders

65 - Maggie Stalcup, Bellevue.

67 - Sue Chestnut, Walla Walla.

70 - Kathy Mauer, Walla Walla.

71 - Jan Harvey, Walla Walla; Jan Johnson, Walla Walla; Sonya Huntington, Vashon, Wash.

72 - Sharon Johnston, University Place, Wash.; Terri Camp, Walla Walla.

74 - Janelle Curtis, Boise; Kristine Hanberg, Tacoma; Sandra McBride, Mesa, Wash.; Sandra Smith, Walla Walla.

Second Flight Leaders

68 - Kathy Hawkins, Vashon, Wash.; Sam Long, Redmond, Wash.; Suzanne McQuary, Seattle.

69 - Dodie Smith, La Conner, Wash..

71 - Diane Kajca, Vashon, Wash.; Marjie Tessier, Seattle.

72 - Carol Maki, Vashon, Wash.; Renate Kwieciak, Olympia.

73 - Eileen Buskirk, Vashon, Wash.; Jeannie McKean, Bellevue, Wash.

74 - Donna Dederer, Vashon, Wash.


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