Carol Wingfield


Carol Wingfield
Nov. 8, 1924 - June 11, 2011

Carolyn Joyce Harper Wingfield (mom, grandma) died in her home in
Richland, surrounded by family at the age of 86 from stroke. She was born on Nov. 8, 1924, in Orlando, Fla. She attended Mary Hill College in North Carolina briefly before heading west with her girl friend, Libba. She rented a room from Erma Wingfield, who introduced Carol to her nephew, Truman. She and Truman were married in Denver on March 22, 1947. They moved to Richland, where Truman worked as an electrician at Hanford. That is where their three children were born.

Neighbor kids were always welcomed by mom and her house was usually the place where a hot meal could be shoved down your throat. That same spirit lived on after she'd raised her kids.

Carol and Truman moved to Mill Creek outside of Walla Walla to the family cabin that Truman had built. There they made several good friends and Carol carried on the tradition of welcoming their kids.
By this time she was referred to as Grandma. In 1996 Truman and Carol were driven from their beloved cabin by the 100-year flood after being rescued by helicopter. It was time to move back closer to family so they purchased a house and moved back to Richland. They joined the Richland Baptist Church, where Carol had a great deal of admiration for Pastor Stanley and Scott. Carol was very involved in the Emmaus Community, and loved the Lord Jesus Christ and had an amazing relationship with Him.

Carol loved clogging, hiking the trails in the Blue Mountains around her cabin, her dogs and bike riding. In fact she rode her bike from the cabin to Richland, twice in her 70s. Carol also loved company, the more the merrier. And she especially loved family.
Truman died in 2006 and God sent Truman's brother, Royce, to us to be with Carol for the remainder of her days. Carol suffered dementia and Royce was an angel to her and Carol loved him for it. We all do.

Carol was preceded in death by her parents, (duh, Carol was 86) and two brothers, Bill and Jerry Harper of Orlando. Carol is survived by her three children, Bill (Christa) and Bill's girlfriend Patty, Jan McCallum (Grant), and her favorite Mike (Linda) who coincidently wrote this. She is also survived by her eight grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren, Rich (Eileen and children, Claire-Beth and Gavin Truman), Krisi Wilke (Ken and their children, Christian, Kayla, Kamryn, and Kaitlyn), Hunter (Val), Megan Conner (Justin), Kelley McCallum (Michelle), Jimmy Bevacqua (Vanessa and their children Tia, Bailey and Miley), Bryan Gobel (and his son Conner). Carol is also survived by nephews, John (Jane) and Jim (Sandy), and numerous family members in Florida.

A memorial service will be held in Carol's honor at the Event Center at Sunset Memorial Gardens in Richland, on June 26, 2011, at 4 p.m. It will be followed by a reception at Carol and Royce's home. As mentioned above, Carol loved company. The more the merrier. Einan's funeral home is in charge of the arrangements. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made in Carol's honor to Hospice at the Chaplaincy, the Richland Baptist Church or the charity of your choice.


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