LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - There is room for motor vehicles and bikes


Perhaps no letters to the editor have surfaced because none of us -- car drivers or bike riders -- know what set the situation up for the tragedy of Sally Eustis being struck by a vehicle and killed.

Pointing fingers won't help the fact that recently three women bike riders of experience were killed by drivers of vehicles. It shouldn't happen once but happening three times within a short span of time is cause for real concern.

My husband and I have been bike riding daily this last week from Mill Creek Trail over back roads to Russell Creek Road then over to Rooks Park. We can clearly hear vehicles coming a long way off.

It can be like hearing the theme from "Jaws" as the sound intensified until every single car or truck roared past doing no slower than 40 mph but more probably 50-plus mph. Most were courteous enough to move to the other lane. But not on Mill Creek Road. We ride single file, very far over to the right of the road.

Once this week two trucks were coming down a long double-yellow-lined road. We were riding uphill clear over on the white fog line. The second truck pulled out and passed the truck in front. We were fine but riding on the white line is difficult for bike riders as it is usually not smooth and often has loose gravel that can throw a bike so easily off balance.

The speed needed in passing would eliminate any chance to avoid a bike rider in the right lane.

Bike riders are aware of vehicles and space on the road. I'm now not too sure the same can be said about drivers of cars and trucks. Less speed and ample space would eliminate most situations of contact. There is room for both motor vehicles and bicycles on back roads that twist and turn and go up hill and down.

Joyce Anderson
Walla Walla

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