LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - New City Council majority might provide answers


It is well that the U-B Editorial Board believes our City Council incumbents are being challenged in the upcoming election (U-B June 13, page A6). However, the reading public may have been better served if you had said, "When elected officials don't face challengers they don't take the opportunity to engage with the people and discuss the issues." And this may be exactly why they are facing the possibility of being unseated.

I look forward in this campaign season to learning:

  1. What cost-saving measures has Valley Transit done to make sure we are not soon faced with another bail-out tax increase?
  2. Why is our recycle program mandatory when Richland, home of Basin Disposal Inc., has an optional recycle program?
  3. Why are we spending $80,000 on another study of the Myra Road-Dalles Military intersection?
  4. Why do we freeze the pay of the worker bees but give raises to the big boys?
  5. Possible answer to No. 4: We close the Aviary and pool so we can give those raises?
  6. Do we have any water leakage from our pipes under county roads?
  7. Can we please do a little pothole patching on those streets that are at the far end of the 93-year plan?
  8. Can I get a job downtown so I can park there? Better yet: Publish the two-hour employee parking shuffle schedule!
  9. Are we done with the octopus yet?
  10. Etc., etc., etc.

I'm sure I may have missed a few hot buttons but a new City Council majority might be able to get some answers.

Dan Mallery

Walla Walla


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