LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Windmill income not based on energy production


Your opinion (June 17) on BPA's Environmental Redispatch program is that wind-energy producers should take a back seat to hydro for access to transmission lines.

In expressing your opinion, you made two telling statements that should cause any thinking person to do a double-take.

First, windmill owners contend that redispatch has reduced their output by 15 percent, but that actual monetary losses are even greater because of federal incentives and mandated green energy contracts.

Get your sixth-grader to help you with the math on this one: if reducing your production by 15 percent causes you to lose more than 15 percent of your income, then your income is not based on your production. Say this over to yourself several times, so you can better understand the outrage of electrical customers over recent rate increases -- windmill income is not based on energy production.

Second, concerning windmill energy, it is your opinion that reducing harm to humans, fish and the environment, trumps man-made contracts and government mandates.

Those are your very words. Beleagured ratepayers must think they've died and gone to heaven, because the U-B editors have publicly proclaimed that windmills harm humans, fish and the environment.

Jim Thorn


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