Keys to healing as close as your pocket


Have you ever had an ache (headache, stomachache, toothache or pain from an injury, disease or surgery) that just wouldn't go away, no matter what you did for it?

There is a way to relieve pain and promote healing and relaxation -- through tapping into universal energy and the use of positive affirmations. And you can do it to yourself.

Healing energy can be a means of reducing pain in your body by simply focusing your love, appreciation and positive intention for yourself to the "afflicted" area.

Thank it for being such a wonderful part of your physical being and for the message that it is sending you right now.

Just as directed thought, intention, and prayer can clear polluted water in Dr. Masaru Emoto's famous water experiments in "Messages from Water," so can your own positive "messages" to your mostly-water body change the way you experience the physical.

You can re-program your mind by holding affirmative thoughts of wholeness and health and well-being and by filling your body with universal love and healing energy through focused breathing.

Don't ask for something to be taken away, but rather hold your body in its most perfect form in your mind and then ask that this positive perfection be manifest on the physical level.

You'll be surprised at your results. If this is too complicated a process, simply hold or touch the area while breathing thoughts of love and healing to it. That's it.

There are many healing modalities that teach techniques for healing this or that issue.

I teach several modalities myself. Many of them see us as consisting of at least four levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, with causes for disease stemming from one or more of these levels being out of balance.

Breathing in loving, healing energy and breathing out fear and negativity rebalances and harmonizes these four levels.

But many times we want someone else, outside of ourselves, to relieve our suffering -- a doctor, chiropractor, healer, minister, therapist, etc.

That's fine, we are all here to help one another. But, you can do amazing healing all by yourself. In fact, it is ultimately your belief in your own health and well-being that heals you.

Joy Kachel is spiritual leader at Unity Church of Peace, where she offers Meditation for Inner Harmony classes on Tuesday evenings from 6:30-8 p.m. She is also a master energy healer and teaches healing classes and facilitates a monthly reiki healing circle. You can reach her at the church at 509-520-1915 or personally at 509-529-1048. Go to for class information and registration.


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