LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Consider root cause of societal problems


Mr. Riggle's public tantrum against pro-lifers in the letters to the editor last week barely merits a reply.

After reading it, I went to Mass, and looked around at the seven kids attending I know have been adopted.

On further consideration, within two minutes I counted close to 20 children who had been adopted by just the pro-life families I knew.

Mr. Riggle will most likely never meet these families because he doesn't want to - it will force him to reconsider the small, little world he lives in.

On the other hand, we can all appreciate his passion for foster care and join him in asking others to seek out children in need.

Shall we become content just treating the symptoms of societal problems or shall we also consider the root cause of the problems?

Society justifies butchering children by redefining a child as an unwelcome product of unbridled lustful acts.

Surely these redefined children can also be thrown away once we get tired of them ... and the rest of us pick up the pieces.

Greg Fazzari

Walla Walla


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