LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Locals should visit their local treasure


Recently several carloads of residents from Pendleton's splendid Sun Ridge Retirement Community visited the marvelous Fort Walla Walla Museum in your city.

As a resident, I was privileged to be part of that group. It was a most enjoyable experience to be escorted through the main building by a very knowledgeable guide and taken on a tour to the historic treasures in related buildings.

Most impressive was seeing the astounding 33-mule hitch in full size, the old steam tractor and threshing machine.

We were thoughtfully transported to the lower level by golf carts to see the splendidly preserved buildings and displays.

What stood out to many of us is the obvious civic pride that is evident in details, upkeep and grooming wherever one looked.

It has to take a very substantial number of dedicated volunteers to keep developing and maintaining a facility of this magnitude and quality.

I know firsthand how easy it is to let daily busyness keep one from seeing local things that are great attractions to out-of-town visitors. I would simply say to Walla Walla residents, don't cheat yourselves.

Give your own children and grandchildren an opportunity to see what life was once really like in this part of the country.

And revel in the reality of what many of you once knew in your own lifetime. You will be very glad you did.

Some of you may even discover you are sheltering items of historic importance that you could contribute and share with future generations.

H.H. Hill



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