Business Monthly Bio - Diane Benfield


Business/job title: Registered dietician, owner of All About Nutrition, 800 Sprague Ave., Suite 103.

Hometown: Springfield, Mo.

What brought her to Walla Walla: She got a job out at Blue Mountain Medical & Rehabilitation Center. Her brother was already in Portland and she wanted to be closer to family.

Favorite memory: "When I was a child the family would go to Table Rock Lake. Those are some of my best memories from childhood. We had a boat down there. It was one hour out of Springfield (Mo.). The lake is so warm, you don't have that here."

Current favorite song/CD: "I listen to some country. I like Miranda Lambert and Journey."

Favorite movie: "Avatar" and anything related to cycling.

Favorite food: Apples

Favorite book: "I do not like fiction. It has to be health related, like the 'The China Study.' "

Favorite hobby: "Boating, waterskiing or hiking are my favorites."

Favorite place in the area: "In this area, the mountains, while it's still green. In the whole area, the Oregon Coast. We go there at least once a year."

Most recent local purchase: A cup of Starbucks coffee. "I have a step daughter who's a manager of a Starbucks in Australia."

Dream vacation: "Florida. We've been to New Zealand twice and to Australia. I used to live in Florida."

Worst job: "Of all of the jobs on my resume not one of them has been horrible. However, in high school I worked in a microfilming plant where I'd sit at a desk all day and look at all these medical records."

Dream career: "I always thought I'd manage my father's clothing store in Springfield. Or manage a grocery store."

Person you'd most like to talk with: "My dad. I would like to talk to him about investing, he was an expert at it. He died in 2005, he and I were really close all my life." She has family photos, including photos of her father, in her office. "That's why I started my business, my family."


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