Walla Walla dancers win in international competition


CESENA, Italy -- Walla Walla dancers placed first in theater dance at the Dance Grand Prix Italia on Sunday. They were also awarded second overall in ballet and second overall for choreography.

Dancers from 13 countries competed in the two-day competition that featured 135 choreographies.

The 11 dancers from Dance Center of Walla Walla, under the direction of Idalee Hutson-Fish, are touring Italy for two weeks. They return to Walla Walla on Friday. In addition to the Grand Prix Italia, the dancers performed in Rome, Fermo and Florence.

Dancers are Merrit Filan, Morgane Filan, Emma Eskil, Christal Hall, Ashley Akacich, Allison Garza, Natalie Hargreaves, Summer Wardlaw, Caitlin Tarter, Emily Tucker and Teagan Coleman.


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