Walla Walla teen faces prison sentence in rape, molestation

Phillip S. Ingram pleaded guilty Monday to charges related to crimes New Year's Day.


WALLA WALLA -- A 19-year-old man could face about a decade in prison after entering guilty pleas Monday afternoon to two sex crimes he committed in the Eastgate area New Year's Day.

Phillip S. Ingram pleaded guilty in Superior Court to felony charges of second-degree rape of a child and third-degree child molestation.

He faces a standard-range prison term of 81/2 to 111/3 years when he's sentenced later.

But in exchange for his guilty pleas, the prosecution is recommending an alternative sentence if experts determine Ingram is amenable to sex-offender treatment. The alternative would include incarceration in the County Jail for up to a year and a requirement that Ingram undergo outpatient treatment when he's released.

Judge John Lohrmann won't be bound by any recommendation.

Also, under the deal, a charge against Ingram of furnishing liquor to minors will be dropped.

At Monday's hearing, Ingram admitted having sexual relations with two underage girls at the apartment where he lived Jan. 1.

He had sexual intercourse with a 13-year-old girl and sexual contact with a 14-year-old in separate occasions in his bedroom at 150 S. Wilbur Ave., No. 58, after what police described as an "alcohol-fueled" New Year's Eve party also attended by other teens.

Officials were contacted Jan. 3 after the 14-year-old told her mother.

Ingram was arrested Jan. 7 and released Jan. 11 to live at 62 Talon Loop pending further proceedings, but was led back to jail Monday.


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