Business Monthly Bio - Bob Dodgin


Name: Bob Dodgin

Business/Job title: Office Manager of Liberty Tax Service, local franchise owned by his wife, Sharon. Local offices are located at 705 West Rose St. and 1637 E. Isaacs Ave.

Hometown: Walla Walla "I've been here almost 40 years. Originally a transplant from elsewhere but I consider this home. Sharon is from here."

What brought you to Walla Walla? "My family moved here when I was a kid. I met Sharon when we were both 14, at Garrison Junior High School. We went to Wa-Hi and all of it."

Favorite memory: He has a great sense of humor and is quite a prankster. This past holiday season his wife was setting up their office in Hawaii, so he decided to surprise her with an unexpected visit. He got off the plane, texted her to find out where she was and walked up to her at a busstop. "You should have seen the look on her face."

Current favorite song/CD? "I love that old rock and roll. I'm a big fan of the group Triumph, from the 70s. I ride a Triumph motorcycle, have a Triumph T-shirt..."

Favorite movie: "Forrest Gump"

Favorite food: "There's nothing better than a good steak. Sharon and I usually go to Mr. Ed's for Prime Rib on Friday nights."

Favorite book: "I'm a Stephen King fan, most of his older stuff."

Favorite hobby: The whole family is involved in outdoor activities. "I ride my motorcycle, go skydiving, we have jet skis and boats. I wanted the kids to be involved in outdoor activities."

Favorite place in the area: "The Blue Mountains. I like to go up there, sit and just look down over the town. It's so peaceful."

Most recent local purchase: After moving the office to its new location and opening up the new office on Isaacs Ave., he said, "After a couple of thousand for the new office, going to get snacks and coffee and whatever we're out of. I've been to Staples, Walmart, Kmart and everywhere just in the last couple of weeks."

Dream vacation: "Our plan is to retire and live in Hawaii, so the vacation would be to sail to Bora Bora, Tahiti and other islands in the South Pacific."

Worst job: "I worked at a warehouse in California. I pulled stock out and boxed it to be shipped. It was a dark, dingy warehouse and the only time we could go out was at lunch. I like the outdoors."

If you had another career, what would it be? "A pilot. I love to fly." He comes from a family of pilots.

If you could talk with anyone, from any time or place, who would it be and why? "George Carlin. Believe it or not, the man was a genius. He was amazing, with lots of good ideas."


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