Delphian Club to celebrate 95 years of reading books


WALLA WALLA - The Delphian Club of Walla Walla will celebrate its 95th anniversary this month. According to event coordinator Shirley Farmer, the well-established reading group was originally called The Delphian Culture Club when it began in 1915.

Research at the Whitman College library gave club members more information about the club, its origins and functions through the years.

"At that time it was part of the National Delphian Society who regularly monitored the groups' studies. The members met in various homes selected alphabetically. During World War II the Delphian ladies were very active donating their time and labor. Every appeal for help at the McCaw Hospital was heeded."

According to Farmer, much of the early information about the club was recorded by Arminda Fix, who was the librarian at Whitman College in the early years of the club.

Farmer said there are a lot of book clubs in the area, this one has been going strong for almost a century. "It's a nice group," she said. "Although we do things a little differently now than they did in the old days."

Farmer said the group is still gaining new members.

The Delphian Club meets March 14 to celebrate the 95 years. "We will honor the past members, reflect on our long history and toast the future of our group," Farmer said.

Members are planning on dressing in vintage clothing and enjoying a cake for the occasion.

Farmer asked the Union-Bulletin not to publish her telephone number, but she said anyone interested in joining the club may find it in the telephone book.


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