On the agenda - Port of Walla Walla


When: Regular session is 6 p.m. Thursday following a work session at 5 p.m.0

Where: Regular session at the Port of Walla Walla office, 310 A St.; work session at Dominick's on the Runway.

  • sprinkler system: Consider awarding a contract for a new fire sprinkler system at Cott/Cliffstar.

  • business outreach: Receive an update on business outreach efforts in 2011.

  • burbank business park: Discuss plans for the industrial park in Burbank.

  • sewer plan: Discuss the Port's plan for a new sewer system at the Burbank Business Park, as well as a binding site plan process.

  • surplus: Consider authorizing the surplus of about 250,000 cubic yards of dirt.

  • wallula gap business park: Discuss a removal plan for woody debris at the property.

  • Cott/cliffstar building: Discuss the replacement of a substation at the Dell Avenue property.

  • personnel policy: Review a draft of an update on the personnel policy.

  • tourism request: Consider a request for Port tourism funds for Shakespeare Walla Walla.

  • budget: Review the Port's supplemental budget.

  • faa: Discuss the FAA's annual certification inspection.

  • correspondence reports: Review leases entered into by administrative staff and miscellaneous project updates.


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