Etcetera - 03/28/11


Three local students joined fellow Whitman College Symphony and Chamber Singer members in a concert of music at the annual Whitman Winter Concert. The music had not previously been performed in 300 years.

Local students are Chantell Lopez, Michael Blackwood and Joyce Chen, all of Walla Walla. Jeremy Mims, visiting assistant professor of music, conducted the concert, which was sponsored by Whitman's Department of Music.

The Symphony and Chamber Singers performed works by Mexican Baroque composer Miguel Mateo de Dallo y Lana, on March 5 in Whitman's Chism Recital Hall.

Jeremy researched the works, including "Beatus Vir," during a trip to the Cathedral of Puebla in Mexico. Dallo y Lana's work dates back to the 16th century, but was only recovered in the 1960s in the archives of the Cathedral.

It is exciting "to be in new territory" and "for the students to be the first to perform this in 300 years," he said in a Walla Walla Union-Bulletin article about the treasure he uncovered from centuries past.

Whitman Chamber Singers consists of 24 singers selected from Whitman Chorale membership. Chamber Singers tour every other year, including to Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Honolulu.

Whitman Symphony plays full symphonies and purely string works. The academic year includes fall, winter, and spring concerts, musicals or operas and tours.

Edison Elementary School teamed with the McDonald's restaurant on East Isaacs Avenue to hold a McTeacher night March 14. Proceeds from the sales will support Edison Elementary School projects.

With their fundraising skills honed, Edison students raised $3,500-plus for American Heart Association by participating in the Jump Rope for Heart program. They participated through their PE classes. PE teacher Patrick McFetridge organized the event and encouraged his students to participate. Fifth-grader Kat Matos led the effort, raising the most with $725 to support the cause.

In addition, Edison students are participating in the "Reading is the Ticket" program. They worked hard to complete 10 hours of reading outside of school during February and the first part of March. Those who completed their 10 hours prior to March 18 will receive a free ticket to Silverwood Theme Park to be used for a day of fun this summer as a reward for their hard work.

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